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Social Action Committee

WATA is excited to announce the formation of a new Social Action Committee, open to WATA members and non-members as well.  The committee will be focused on community building, empowerment, sustainability, equity, and justice through art. Creating spaces for the community at large to share their voice.
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The Committee will be action-based with its primary focus on community building, promoting agency, sustainability, equity, and justice.


  • Develop spaces for the community at-large to share their voice using creative processes
  • Respond in the moment to social justice crises/concerns by providing first aid arts solutions to those directly affected
  • Partner with local community organizations to facilitate and leverage opportunities to support mission
  • Raise awareness of the healing role art provides in decreasing mental health stigma among underrepresented groups (through training, mentoring, or other means)

Contact the Social Action Committee to get involved or to learn more.